Coolest Fondant Father’s Day Cake

This  fondant Father’s Day cake was a fun cake to make. This was a 9 inch round fondant baby blue button down shirt cake with a pocket. I added my special blend of icing. This cake was one of my best cakes yet.

This cake cake was very easy to make. I used two 9 inch round cake pans. I baked the cakes, let then cool off. Once they cooled off I then put on a crumb coat to both cakes. I took them out the fridge and iced them both, stacked the cake then I placed in the fridge. Now it was time for me to make the fondant. I had to mix the sky blue and the light blue together. It took a minute to get the color but I finally got it. I placed the fondant on the round cake and shaped it. I then rolled out the collar, pocket and the buttons. I used cake adhesive to place to collar, pocket and buttons to stay on the cake. This was a fun cake to make.

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