Delicious Homemade Beautiful Birthday Cake With Bling

Getting the Homemade Cake Order

This is a beautiful birthday cake that I received a last minute call about doing and I wasn’t very excited.  I said yes because I rarely ever say no and I thought it might be kind of fun.  I started with a picture I was given of a plain pink cake with a few white flowers. My client has told me “I know you’re creative so you can add whatever you want. I would just like to add a litle aqua and some bling.”

Right away I ran with the bling idea.  I started making flowers out of fondant with tylose powder mixed in.  I hand mixed all the colors from white fondant with americolor gel paste mixed in.  Then, I cut each petal individually with different sizes of leaf shaped fondant cutters and then used piping gel to stick them all together.  I put the flowers in bowls so the petals would curve up to dry in a flower shape.

Once they were completely dry I airbrushed the centers to give them a little more depth and then used piping gel to put on the rhinestones. I had a lot of trouble getting these flowers to keep their shape because they were so darn heavy, I broke a few petals  and it took me a long time to get them to look like I wanted them to but I think the end result was worth it :)

I then made the ‘D’ for the top using a bamboo stick for kabobs and and stuck the fondant on with a lot of piping gel to keep it in place.  Next, I airbrushed it and added the rhinestones with piping gel.  The flowers and top letter took me about 9 hours so I called it quits for the first day.

Delicious Cake Flavors

The next day I started by baking the cakes.  The bottom tier was 8 inches and vanilla with strawberry filling.  The client wanted the filling creamy. So, I mixed the strawberry filling, that is like jam, with vanilla butter cream frosting and it was delicious!

The top tier was 6 inches and chocolate with a raspberry filling that I again mixed with buttercream, heaven!

Once my cakes were frosted, chilled, and ready to go, I covered the bottom tier with light pink fondant, added stripes, and used plastic ribbon as the bottom border.  Next, I covered the top tier in hot pink fondant and used a diamond quilting tool to make the quilt impressions.

Then, I used hot pink in my airbrush to darken the creases and added rhinestones and the border with piping gel.

Finally, I stacked my cakes using bubble straws for support inside and buttercream to secure the top to the bottom. I sprayed the whole cake with pearl dust to make it sparkle. The last step was to add all the flowers using piping gel to secure them and cutting the stick for the D to the right length and inserting it.

Beautiful Birthday Cake Comes Together

By the time I finished I was so excited about the end result of this beautiful birthday cake.  This is a cake that I was reluctant to do and in the end if is one of my favorites.  I have people ask me all the time about this design and everyone raved about it and shared my photos.

My client was blown away and promised she would use me for all her cakes. I was pretty proud of it :)

beautiful birthday cake with bling

beautiful birthday cake with bling

beautiful birthday cake with bling

beautiful birthday cake with bling

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