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Cool Homemade Cheeseburger Cake With Fries and Ketchup

I had an extra cake on hand, this is from an 8×3 round pan. The top had a perfect bump to resemble the top of a bun. First I sliced the cake twice to give me 3 layers of cake to make this Cheeseburger cake. I worked on the top layer first. Covered it with buttercream icing and colored the Wiltons fondant with brown and copper Wiltons coloring.

Since buns are not completely perfect I didn’t do a lot of smoothing of the top, just made sure the edges and sides were smooth. I then did the bottom layer. Since I don’t like the way Wilton’s fondant tastes, I didn’t want it in the middle layer of the cake, so I just took a piece of fondant and rolled it out to wrap it around the side. I used chocolate icing for that.

After covering the middle with chocolate icing I place the middle layer on and that was the meat patty. I drenched it in chocolate icing and lightly tapped the icing so it would give it a rough looking texture. I used colored fondant for the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. I just put it on the edges where it would stick out from the sides of the cake.

Before putting the top layer on, I used red icing to give the effect of ketchup. I had the top portion of another cake which I cut up into slices to look like french fries, this too was then covered with red icing to look like ketchup.

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