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Coolest Monkey Cake

This monkey cake was made for a baby shower. A week in advance, I made the monkey head from gum paste so it could dry. I baked two 10″ strawberry cakes, two 8″ vanilla cakes, and two 6″ marble cakes. The strawberry cakes had strawberry butter cream filling, the vanilla ones had white butter cream  and the marble ones had chocolate butter cream.

I put plastic dowel rods in the bottom and middle tiers to hold the weight of the cake(s) on top. I made some homemade fondant and tinted some with leaf green, some with rose and left the rest white. The bottom tier was covered with green fondant, middle with pink, and the top with white. I cut circles out of the pink and green fondant and stuck them around the top tier, and I put some on wires to stick out of the top. I cut strips of white and green to put on the middle.

The flowers were cut from pink fondant with the large blossom cutter from the Wilton gum paste flower kit. I made some lighter pink for the centers of the flowers. I put a shell border around all 3 tiers with white butter cream tinted with rose. I also used this to pipe the name on the bottom tier. I tinted some icing green for the name in the middle.

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