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Coolest Monopoly Cake

My son and I made this monopoly cake for a Cub Scout Father Son cake bake. He is a big monopoly fan so we decided to make a monopoly game board. The cake was made with rolled white fondant and different color fondant for the rest of the details. We had to make some of the colors by mixing fondant.

The black lines were cut out in strips and attached using regular white cake icing. I also used the icing to attach the other pieces. We even made dice out of the white fondant, along with some of the game pieces by mixing white and black fondant. It took four boxed cake mixes that

were cut into a 18″ x 18″ square. I also used an edible food coloring writer to complete the detailed words.

This cake took about three days to complete. We had a lot of fun creating this cake. The fondant worked well with the detail of the board. We even used a play-doh machine to get some of the shapes needed for the board.

The cake ended up winning Judges Choice. It is all edible.

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  1. What size cake was it? Did you have a pan that large or did you combine cakes to make a special size? My husband and I played monopoly on our first date and I would love to make this cake for our anniversary. Thanks so much!

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