Believe it or not, I had the idea for a Monster House cake long before the movie came out. We have entered the Halloween cake contest at our local Elementary school every year for about the past 12 years and have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place every year except for one.

This cake won 1st place, however, I have to admit, it wasn’t our best cake. The kids went a bit overboard with the bloody teddy grahams, but they had fun helping. Food coloring certainly makes great blood!

I made the house with a small graham cracker box, having cut the top off. Then I cut off about 3-4″ from the tops of the four sides. I cut the front and back more in the shape of a house, then bent the sides in. I also trimmed down the middle, both in the front and back. I taped scrap pieces of cardboard, cut to size, to fill the holes in the middle of the roof and then I covered the whole thing in chocolate icing. Don’t forget to cut the jagged mouth before putting the icing on. We used a fruit rollup for the tongue; marshmallows work well for eyes, but this time we used plastic eyeballs and mostly plastic embellishments that we bought at the store. We used gummy worms for eyebrows.

It’s a great family tradition!