Coolest Monster Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Monster Truck Birthday Cake for my son’s 5th birthday. The actual truck body is all cake covered in fondant. I froze the cake (two square cake pans) and then carved it into pieces that I stacked together for the truck body and truck bed. I cut the cakes into two pieces one 3/4 of the square and one 1/4 of the square. I used the 1/4 pieces as the cab and stacked them on top of the 3/4 pieces.

I used a wire pushed through the top of the cab of the truck for the horns, I covered the wired with fondant. I wrote the words and drew the teeth with edible markers. The truck is sitting on a wood frame that my husband made and I painted. He attached the wheels from one of my son’s toy trucks and added four wooden dowels to stick into the bottom cake (decorated like mud)for support.

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  1. Hello there my sons 5th birthday is on Aug 10th , I was wondering if I could pay you to make him a cake, my number is 8132991466 and I live here in Orlando , if not that was an awesome cake :) thanks a lot. !


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