Coolest Morse Code Cake

This Morse Code cake was made as rich fruit cakes but with gluten-free flour. It was made 3 months before the required date and “fed” once every two weeks with brandy. Then marzipaned and decorated.

This cake was made for a 50 year old’s birthday it was 12 inches square. Joe is a retired soldier who served in the Royal Signals and this is the emblem that is shown on the cake. It is a photo which was pasted to a sugarpaste plaque which was then decorated. The message on the cake was done in morse code as a test to see if he could remember his craft!! He could!

I got great pleasure making this cake especially as it was received with so much delight! As you can see I love making cakes for friends and family.

I do hope this will help other people to get inspired to do their own designs. Happy baking everyone!!

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