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Coolest Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

My son wanted an army-themed party, so I searched this site for Army Tank Birthday Cake designs. This cake, therefore, has a little of everyone’s ideas and I thank you all!

I started by baking two 9″ x 13″ mixed chocolate and vanilla, tinted green, cakes. I then baked the third layer, which was a spice cake, in a loaf pan. I then froze all three.

The next day, I sculpted the second layer about 1″ smaller on the sides and trimmed about 3″ from the front and slanted it. The top layer was cut like a stop sign and placed on top. I then tinted my icing with black, greenish black, brown, and brownish green colorings.

I piped black lines for the camo first. I then alternated the colors by using a Wilton star tip to fill in the camo areas. I used Reese’s peanut butter cups for the wheels, and lined them with Hershey’s chocolate bars. I used a Hershey’s crunch stick for the gun.

This cake did not take long at all to decorate; in fact, I decorated it on the morning of the party. Thanks again!

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