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Coolest Motorcross Dirt Bike Track Cake

This Motorcross Dirt Bike Track Cake was for my 3-year-old son that loves “mo-mo’s.” It was very difficult to find motorcross birthday supplies so when I saw this cake in family fun magazine, I knew I had to do it. This cake was made using 3 round cake pans. You cut them and stack them to make a mountain that turns in a sort of spiral. It’s a lot of cake and makes a pretty tall mountain.

The bottom layer is made of one full cake pan. The second cake is then cut to make a ¾ and ¼ slices. Use the ¾ slice as your next layer and save the ¼ slice for the top of the mountain. The next layer is ½ slice of your last round cake. Save the other half for another use. So, the mountain is made from bottom up as follows: 1, ¾, ½, and ¼ slices going up in a spiral. This spiral gives you room to decorate.

I made this cake from a yellow cake mix just because we find that chocolate cakes do not get eaten well at our parties, but ideally you would use a chocolate cake mix with chocolate icing to continue with the dirt theme. The icing was a homemade chocolate icing with cream cheese that when it dried it stiffened. I think this helped to keep the cake from toppling because I didn’t have to use but one straw inserted in the layer to keep it steady.

The decorations consisted of pretzel rods and pretzel sticks for the trail border and flag poles. The flags and banner were made of fruit by the foot brand fruit roll ups. This particular brand was pre-cut in the banner shape so all I had to do for the banner was tear it apart and hang it. I could not find the exact cut like the family fun magazine had which was more like pennant flags so mine looked more medieval but it worked. I cut the fruit by the foot flags by hand to look more like a pennant.

My son did not like the family fun version of rocks, which was chocolate donut holes, so I just used whoppers brand chocolate balls as boulders. The final dusting of crushed teddy grahams brand chocolate cookies was all that was left. The motorcross dude was a toy found at Walmart and it made the real budin’ budin’ sound when you press the back wheel which was very cute!!

My son loved to keep it as a prize from his cake. I must say this was the simplest and coolest cake I have ever made and we had a blast putting it all together. I would totally do this cake again, and I probably will, since I have two boys. It seems like it would work for young and older kids as well.

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