Coolest Mr. Potato Head Cake

I made this Mr. Potato Head Cake for my dad’s 50th birthday. He works in the potato industry in the potato capital of the US, Idaho! So it was very fitting.

The body is made from 6 round cakes that have been stacked upon each other and then carved into the classic potato head shape. I covered it with caramel frosting, however, to get that tan color you could also mix chocolate and white frosting together.

The eyes are rolled fondant with edible black dye for the pupils. The hands are also fondant that has been molded over gigantic paper clips and stuck into the potato body, I am sure any semi-heavy wire or bendable material would work.

The shoes are just cake with cut out fondant. The hat is a real birthday hat with yellow fondant circles and the teeth are plain white fondant with indentations using a butter knife.

My favorite part was making the ears and nose. They are made from molded starburst candy. Make sure the starburst is warm enough to work with and look at a real potato head nose and ears to get the exact shapes. Use toothpicks to stick in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

This cake was so fun to make!

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