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Coolest Zhu Zhu Cake with Fondant and Cupcakes

This Homemade Zhu Zhu Cake with Fondant and Cupcakes was made with a Wilton 3D egg pan that I purchased on Ebay. It comes in 2 pieces and holds one cake recipe. After it bakes and cools, you put the flat sides together with plenty of buttercream and trim the bottom of one side to make a nice flat surface. I covered this in homemade buttercream and put the fondant on in 3 stages. I started with the face, then overlapped the white body and finished with the gray bottom. Now comes the fun part!

I cut out flattened circles from gray fondant for the rear legs and gave him white feet. I glued the feet on with buttercream. I skewered the front feet to the body. The tail is an egg shaped piece of gray fondant, attached with skewers and buttercream. The ears are fondant circles, pinched and moistened to glue the pinched part together. They are attached with buttercream. The cheeks are made of a flattened figure 8 shape and attached with buttercream. The eyes and nose are jelly beans attached with skewers.

For the shape on the back of the Zhu Zhu, I took a cookie cutter and pressed it lightly into the fondant. In this picture, you can see that a curious toddler tried to push the button on the hamster’s back! I placed the leftover jelly beans on the platter to hide the bottom of the fondant.

One cake recipe isn’t enough to feed the crowd at my house, so I made a batch of cupcakes as well. The cupcakes were piped with buttercream. I used an upside down fondant heart to make the mouth. Pink jelly beans became noses and chocolate chips became eyes. I like to put the points down to make eyes. See if you can tell which cupcake my daughter assembled!

Homemade Zhu Zhu Cake with Fondant and Cupcakes

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