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Coolest Mummie Cupcakes

I used double stuffed Oreos (because they are the best kind) and dipped them in chocolate to make my mummie cupcakes. Then I put sugar eyes on them that I bought at the candy supply store and drizzled green and orange chocolate on them using a squeeze bottle.

After you dip the Oreos, lay them on a cooling rack to allow the extra chocolate to drip off. That way you don’t have to trim the edges.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Mummie Cupcakes”

  1. for those who try coolest mummie cupcakes 9 I recommend that you don’t use a cooling rack instead use a silicone baking mat so that they stick.

  2. I used oreo cakesters, didn’t dip in chocolate and used reeses pieces for the eyes. I used white frosting for the mummy piece and they turned out great!


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