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Cool Homemade Music Note Birthday Cake

I made this for my cousin’s 25th birthday party! He is a worship leader and just loves music. I first started by baking 2 cakes. One of them was just in a regular 9×13 pan and the other was in two 9-in pans. After they cooled I inverted them onto a cardboard mat.

Next, I kept the cakes in the fridge overnight. After that I took store bought chocolate icing and dyed it black. It is a lot easier to get black frosting when you start with chocolate. I cut and shaped the cakes to resemble a music note. Then frosted them.

For the music note and numbers in white, I made those out of marshmallow fondant. You can find the recipe online. I finished by a adding some scrapbooking stickers around the cake.

This homemade music note birthday cake was pretty easy and fun to do! Thanks to this website for all the great ideas!!

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