I used a 9×13 cake pan for the base, then a circle pan for the hill for this Homemade My Little Pony Cake. I used a circle pan that has a rounded bottom, not the standard type. Put a crumb layer of icing on the whole thing first, in green. Color icing blue and make a little pond on the edge (this is where you will later put names, message, etc.). Then used the grass tip Wilton makes to pipe green grass on all the remaining surface.

Make up some pink icing & purple icing and use a star tip (like #27) to create little pink & purple (or whatever colors you want) flowers all over the grass. Use the same tip to pipe the same size “flowers” along the bottom edge of the cake, first all one color, then a few of the alternate colors on top of the first layer, evenly spaced.

Then, put a toy pony carefully on to the hilltop. Add candles. Add name on pond. I used the Wilton recipe for homemade buttercream icing & 2 butter recipe or pudding recipe boxed cake mixes to create this cake. I made the icing 2 days in advance, then made the cake the day of. Purchased the cake board at a big box retailer.