Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake

I made this Nemo Birthday Cake for my 2 year old son for his birthday. I looked for a few months for a Nemo Cake topper or Nemo decorations and was unable to find anything. I decided that I would just make it myself. This was my first attempt at a cake other than just “plain” icing. I didn’t like the taste of fondant and neither does my son, so I used cream cheese icing and icing dye.

I used fondant to make the seaweed and other “ocean” items. I also used it to cut out letters using stencils that I bought. I used Nemo bath toys for Nemo and Dory. I made two cakes, two different sizes so I could stack them. I made one chocolate and the other white so that everyone could have a preference. I made the seaweed buy using a toothpick and swirling it in the fondant to make a “hole”. To make the seaweed, I took a flat piece, cut it into strips then gave it a little twist. I did notice that the fondant didn’t stay up like I wanted it to but I probably needed to let it dry before I put it on the cake.

Either way, my son loved it and I was pretty proud of myself afterwards!

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