Cool Homemade Playstation 2 Cake

We made this Playstation 2 cake for my 9 year old’s Cub Scout Blue & Gold Cake contest. We won first prize in the “Kid’s Favorite” Award.

I am not the greatest cook to begin with so doing extra’s like cake making is a real stretch for me. The simpler the better.

For the Cake: We followed a box cake recipe and used a regular buttercreme frosting mixed with black food coloring for the color of the overall cake.

For the Controller: I used a frozen pound cake and while still frozen I cut it in the shape of the controller. For the cord we used licorice frosted with buttercreme frosting and a drop of black food color to make the color gray. We frosted a square cracker gray for the end of the cord. We used mini M&M’s for the buttons and in blue & green frosting I wrote PSP2.

Here’s a picture of our cake next to my son’s PlayStation 2.

My son and I had a blast making this and eating it. It was truly icing on the cake and to have one first prize in the contest!

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