Coolest Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

This Nightmare Before Christmas Cake was made for my sister’s 16th birthday party. She is an avid Jack fan.

I made the three tiers then covered them with fondant. (For this cake I bought a tub of ready-made.)

All of the figures were mad from gum paste. This was my first attempt to mold figures out of gum paste; had I known that they took so long to dry I would have made them 2 days in advance.

Jack’s body I made out of wire then covered in gum paste. To give the cake a airbrushed feel I used colored dusting powder and bag to gently color the tombstones. I used the dusting powder to make the edible paint, which I used to paint the trees on the top tier (a few drops of alcohol like vodka & dusting powder). The alcohol dries very quickly.

For the mountain I cut it out of Styrofoam then covered it in fondant.

My takeaways from this cake would be: Don’t do a cake this size in one day. Do all the figures in advance to allow them to dry completely. The more detail you add the better the cake turns out.

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