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Cool Homemade Ninjago Birthday Cake

I decided to make my son’s 5 birthday cake instead of spending a bunch of money buying one. I had never done one before and thought it may be fun, they make it look so easy on TV.  I asked him what kind of birthday he wanted (theme of course) and he then proceeded to tell me he wanted a Ninjago birthday cake. I thought to myself, of course, the most difficult thing he could of thought of.

I looked online to see if there were any inspiring photos and I found a few I liked. My husband thought I was crazy and was susceptible, but supportive. I went to buy all my supplies and retracted my original thought of saving money doing it myself, but had to follow through because my son was so excited for this cake. I cooked three or four boxes of cake mix and proceeded to sculpt. OMG, it took forever!

I rolled out my fondant, just to realize I didn’t have enough, sent the hubby out for more, who called me numerous times about what to get, then finally finished just a few hours before the party. This thing took me over a day and a half to finish and then I almost cried when we had to cut it. My son was extremely happy with his cake and I was pretty proud too. It was a hit!

Coolest Ninjago Birthday Cake

Coolest Ninjago Birthday Cake

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