Cool Homemade Blue Ocean Cake

Instead of making a cake, I decided on cupcakes because they have a better icing to cake ratio, don’t need cutting, and the kids don’t have to share! We live on the ocean so this Ocean Cake is inspired by fishing from the jetty. I used candies bought from a local grocery store including chocolate rocks, sour gummy octopus, gummy sharks, Swedish fish, and apple fruit roll-ups (cut into strips and twisted to make sea weed).

I used butter cream frosting. The sea was two different colors of blue swirled together in the piping bag. To make a nice shimmer, I used blue tinted sugar sprinkled on top.

The sand was the best part! I used 1 chocolate and 4 vanilla sandwich cookies. I blended the chocolate and vanilla cookies separately in a food processor (but a blender would work too), then stirred them together in a bowl before sprinkling them on the cake.

This cake was fun to make and the kids can help too!!

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