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Coolest Octonaut Kwazii Cake

I really wanted to make a cake for my son Harry’s third birthday and have a go at decorating it – but I’m not the slightest bit artistic so this is definitely a cake anyone can make! I searched the Internet for Octonaut cake ideas as my son loves Octonauts but couldn’t find simple ones. In the end I bought a small plastic Kwazii model as my son is mad on Kwazii – when Octonauts starts he has to rush to put his eye patch on to look just like Kwazii!

The cake is just a 7 inch round chocolate cake with butter icing filling. I followed the instructions on the packet of sugar paste icing and boiled some apricot jam, let it cool and spread it over the top of the cake.

I hadn’t used sugar paste icing before but bought a pack that had 5 different colors in it – but I only used blue, yellow and green. I rolled out the blue and then used the cake baking tin that I cooked the cake in to draw around to get the right size to fit the top of the cake (I didn’t have enough icing to go down the cake sides as well) – you don’t need a full circle, about 2/3rds of a circle will do. I put this on the top half of the cake. I then did the same with yellow icing, using the cake tin to get the edge of the circle and then cut a wavy line across and stuck this piece on. With green icing I cut some strips for seaweed.

My husband had come home with an Octonauts magazine which had come with a small plastic fish, starfish and seahorse so I simply stuck a small piece of icing on the back of them then brushed a bit of water on that icing and stuck them to the cake. I made tiny circles of icing for air bubbles. Out of stiff paper I cut a flag shape, wrote on the message, made two holes and used part of a barbeque wooden skewer through the flag, through Kwazii’s hand and I pushed that into the cake. The pole held Kwazii in place. I put 3 candle holders at the top of the cake.

Actually, pretty simple – cheating really using plastic things but I think it worked well.

Homemade Octonaut Kwazii Cake

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