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Coolest Onsie Baby Shower Cake

This Onsie Baby Shower cake was made for a teacher’s baby shower. We knew that she was having a boy so that is why we chose blue.

Items that will be needed:

2 boxes of cake mix

4 canisters of icing

1 can of spray blue

1 can of spray icing blue with tips

1 2.5 pound fondant – white

1 roll of blue fondant

scrapbooking pieces of your choice for on and around the cake

I baked the two cake mixes together in a large cake pan, roughly 12″ x 10″. I baked it according to the directions on the box but the toothpick test can also be done. I let the cake cool while I rolled out the fondant. Once the cake was cooled, I cut the cake to the desired shape of the onsie and covered the cake with approximately four cans of icing. This will give you a thick coating under the fondant. I then spread the fondant over the icing, moistening my fingers with water to smooth down the edges, and gently pressed the edges to the sides.

Once the fondant was evenly spread, I sprayed the airbrush-type spray all over the cake, making sure to get the sides too. I then used the star tip to go around the edges of the cake to emphasize it. I then used the blue fondant to make strips which I placed on the onsie for the sleeves, leg holes and buttons or snaps.

We then placed scrapbooking pieces on the onsie for decoration. We cut out a sign on the computer that said “Dominic Made in the USA” and used this as the tag on the onsie. We also cut out a Congratulations sign using our Cricket machine. Everyone loved this cake!

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