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Coolest Homemade Green and Yellow Striped Baby Shower Cake

I was asked to make a neutral baby shower cake for a friend from church. I poured over cake books that I have and online looking for the perfect inspiration. This Baby Shower cake is a combination of ideas that I found.

The cake is 2 9×13’s next to each other – 1 chocolate and 1 white. I frosted it all in white and then drew on a piece of paper the size that I wanted the onesie. From that I was able to figure out the size of rectangle I wanted. I did a rope edging around the base and the rectangle. The onsie and bow I made out of fondant. I took the picture that I had drawn on paper and put a piece of waxed paper over that and traced it.

I rolled out the fondant and put the piece of waxed paper on top and cut around it. Then I flipped it over and the waxed paper was on the bottom. For the edging around the onesie, I just rolled out fondant and cut strips that I then put on the onsie. I had a paintbrush and a cup of water that I dabbed a bit of water as I added the edging and the duck so they would stick.

The duck I just cut out of colored fondant that I had rolled out. I let the onsie dry a bit, thinking I would be able to pull the waxed paper off and add it to the cake – big mistake! I think if I had greased the waxed paper, it would have come off fine. I decided that I would just leave it on. Since I was at the shower and serving the cake, I just cut around the edge for the first servings and when I needed the area that the onesie was on, I just took it off.

I hate my handwriting on cakes, so I often use some letter presses that I found in the cake decorating section at Michael’s. Then I just traced over that with a writing tip. It still looked a bit plain, so I decided to alternate yellow and green stripes around the edges. I was very pleased with how it turned out and everyone loved it!

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