I made this Homemade Optimus Prime Truck Birthday Cake for my son’s 4th birthday. He loves Transformers. I thought about just ordering a cake topper, but where’s the fun in that!? So I ended up making this cake.

First I baked a 1/2 sheet cake and a 1/4 sheet cake, just trying to have enough cake to work with. I ended up throwing a lot of it away, as I only needed certain parts. Then I cut the bottom layer rectangular to be the base of the cake and then the next layer was just the front of the truck, then I cut a few more pieces to form the upper layers of the truck as best I could using trial and error, and a toy of the truck as my guide.

Next I iced with home made buttercream icing. I accidentally grabbed the Delphium blue Wilton coloring at the store instead of the regular blue, so the blue coloring was a little off. I used store bought sparkly gel icing for the flames and also writing his name on the truck.

The wheels are donuts, the grill is just aluminum foil that I drew lines on and stuck to the icing. The smoke pipes are markers covered with foil, and the other silver parts are Hershey’s chocolate candies stuck on with icing. The yellow lights are nerds, and the lights are rings that I found in the party section at Walmart.

Everyone loved the cake! It took me about 4 hours, but that includes baking time. It actually wasn’t that hard, I am just not a very experienced baker. It was so worth it to see my son’s expression the when he saw the cake the next day!