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Coolest Transforming Optimus Prime Cake

This is the cake ( and rice crispy treats ) I made my son for his 4th birthday. He wanted an optimus Prime cake….okay. No problwm…my next question to him was….”Which kind? Mine (from the 80’s) or your (the animated version)? Yours Daddy! Okay!…no problem. Do you want him as a Truck or a Robot? I want him to transform….@#$@!!! How was I going to do that? Lots of basswood, screws and rice crispies.

The trailer was made from 6 boxed cake mixes (I have a pretty big family) and 6 batches of rice crispies treats, go a little less on the crispy ratio so it is stickier. and do not use extra butter!

Start with a rectangular piece of wood and attach a small hobby hinge, like you find on a small treasure chess. Attach a smaller piece of wood to the other end of the hinge so it can fold in on itself…..that is the hardest part already done. Start sculpting the torso on top of the larger piece of wood, leave space for the arms to fold in and rest, so make it(the torso, look like a fat capital “T”. Cover with fondant, or use choco-pan like I did. Then screw an eye hook (screw with an open loop at the end) into 4 wooden skewers the size of the upper and lower arms, tie together with fishing line or wire of some sort, but remember not too tight because they have to move! Get twoo more larger diameter dowels and screw into th small wooden piece of the hinge for hte legs. ( it is important to have a “base” with two holes drilled for the legs to go into so Prime will stand.) Cover all dowels and skewers with rice crispies and shape to desired size to look like legs and arms. Squared rectangles are perfect! Cover these with your fondant to the corect color desired…Prime is Mostly Red and Blue.ALWAYS! Add small oreo’s ass wheels to legs, you’ll need 8. And two more for the front wheels which you can add to the hinged area for the front wheels. Now use lollipop sticks to hold the arms into place as a truck or robot, you will basically pull them out of the torso and realign them when you transform him. Sculpt the Head and Hands and hold in place with toothpicks. Show it as a truck first then transform him for the Birthday Boy/Girl before you sing and hear everyone gasp!!!!

Email me if you need any advice, I’d love to help!

T.J. Atkins, IV at hotmail.com (just use text no commas or periods!

Coolest Transforming Optimus Prime Cake

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