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Cool Homemade Optimus Prime Birthday Cake

My Mom and I made this homemade Optimus Prime birthday cake for my son for his 4th birthday. We backed three cakes, two of them 9X13 and one loaf pan. We took my son’s small Optimus truck as a template. We stacked all the cakes together to see how large we wanted it.

Next we started shaving away some of the cake, adding a portion to the back of the truck (extending the size). We also took the round parts of the shaved of cake (the ends of the cake) to make the tire wheel wells so the donuts had a place to sit. We removed the layers, adding icing to hold each section together (thin layer). After covering all the cake with icing we put it into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, we colored store bought (Wilton) icing using the Transformer color collection of food coloring (bought at Michaels). Once the cake cooled, we started icing it. We added red to the front (engine) and blue to the back (cab and all). We put the cake back into refrigerator to set (20 minutes).

In the meantime we started working on the homemade Optimus Prime birthday cake decorations. The grill of the truck is made of a paper plate, toothpicks and foil. I cut the paper plate to fit the size of the grill, added the toothpicks with glue and foiled over top.

The lights are two Hershey kisses pushed into the cake, tip first. The windows are two mini Hershey bars in silver wrapping, placed with the writing face down. The overhang, over top the windows, is a cute paper plate to fit wrapped in foil. The pipes coming up the side are large pretzels covered in foil. The “gas tank” that is located on either side of the truck closest to the truck bed are cute paper towel holders wrapped in foil.

We took the mini chocolate donut idea from another “Cool Birthday Cakes” viewer. The piece on the flatbed part of the truck was just made from leftover paper plate, foil and tube icing. I put red and blue tube icing in a cake decorating icing bag with a fine point to make the flames.

Overall the process took about 5 hours, including baking time. Of course we had no idea what we were doing so others may be faster. We were pleased with the outcome and my son loved it. Enjoy!

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  1. I love this cake! My son is so excited to have it for his birthday. How full did you fill the loaf pan? Was it a whole cake mix?


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