Cool Homemade Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake

I scanned a picture from a book my kids have for this Oscar the Grouch Birthday Cake. Enlarged the picture, printed it out, taped the pages together to make a template and then cut it out. I used a 9in roe for his head and 3, 9×13 cake pans for the trash can and the present. I used the left over cake and pieced together his lid.

I used ready make frosting from Walmart( Wilton type) and also black spray from Wilton. His fur was pretty easy to do since his fur isn’t in all one direction. The can, I used a spoon to make the grooves. And for his face, I used tube icing and brownie icing, I let the brown get a little hard, then spiked it up with the tip of a knife. I bought candy, let my kids eat it, and told them to save the wrappers (kids will love that idea).

For the present, I used a Christmas bow, cut it and tore it up a little to make it look worn . I wanted to make the gift look like it came from the trash so I piped on stars, after they set up and got hard, I used the tip of a steak knife to remove them, and walla…. the used look. Again, I used candy wrappers to make it look like the gift had trash in it.

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