My niece had been away for some months and this was the first birthday she would be shared with the family. I knew she loved owls but since she lives with me I really never had a chance to get this cake started because it usually takes me 3 or 4 days to finish.  She went to work and BAM I had to start.

The inside was rainbow but not just swirled around rainbow, I had a special cake pan to make special rainbow inside. I was off and running, my son said I was trying to challenge myself to finish a cake in 1 day.  While I was making the cake my son was contacting people  to come over for a big surprise party.  Fondant was being rolled and cut and stretched to fit.  Hurry hurry hurry.

Finally I was done. Now I was off to pick her up from work. I left my son in charge of getting everybody situated and the lights off. When we pulled up she was upset that her grampa had the TV off and “went to bed” (what I told her, lol lol,  I’m sneaky)  so she jumped out of the car and flew in the house to wake him up to celebrate with her. S U R P R I S E was all  I heard from allll her friends and the family.  She was so happy and surprised and excited that she started crying! We all worked together to give her one of the best birthdays she has has in a loooong time.