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Coolest Peace Birthday Cake

I was asked by my cousin to make a Peace Birthday Cake. I was thinking tie Dye flash back to the 60’s. However Lauren had her ideas about her cake at the last minute. She asked for a peace sign, tie dye and a dove to be incorporated into a 1/4 sheet cake…boy that took some thinking.

The cake was covered in butter cream and was two layers high the filling was also butter cream.

I hand sculpted the dove with wings spread apart which casted a cool shadow on the cake then I tie dyed the peace sign and made a pink ribbon run through the peace sign and had the dove carrying it in flight. If you look at the cake it is as though the wing is blowing it backward toward the bird.

Lauren was very happy with the cake and her mom was beside herself…she said she couldn’t have planned a better cake with the ideas of a little girl with a unique style.

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