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Coolest Perfect 50 Birthday Cake

I baked this Perfect 50 Birthday Cake for a friend’s 50th birthday.

The cake is vanilla and chocolate on each end and then swirled in the middle. I baked the cake in a 1/3 Sheet cake pan and cut about a third from the end to stack it and make the “judge’s stand”.

I used the Wilton mini wonder mold pan to make the bodies and decorated them to look like her five best friends (I’m on the end in green!).

The heads and hands are made from rolled fondant tinted with copper gel food coloring, and the arms are sucker sticks coated with buttercream frosting (Use #10 or #12 round tip over the sticks and use light pressure to coat them with frosting as you pull them out of the bag).

The cake is frosted in butter cream frosting.

17 thoughts on “Coolest Perfect 50 Birthday Cake”

  1. This is absolutely amazing! I love it! I have no time to bake so i intend to get someone to bake it for me but anyone know where I might be able to purchase those figurines? My husband will be turning 50 in a couple of weeks and I am having a big party for him! Thanks!

  2. Bravo to you!
    I am a registered Dietitian who develops wellness programs focused on encouraging women, men and children to love themselves in the bodies they are in….Bravo to you! I am planning to borrow your idea for our theme events!


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