Coolest Perry the Platypus Cake

I baked 5 cake layers that were 8 in. We used both chocolate and vanilla because that is what my son wanted. The cakes were stacked with a buttercream layer in between each cake. Then I used buttercream tinted with Teal to make Perry.

The feet, tail, beak and hat were all sculpted out of crispy cereal treats and left to dry for about 4 hrs.

I made a marshmallow fondant and tinted it with a little bit of copper for the feet, tail and beak. The fondant was rolled out and placed over the cereal treat shapes. I used brown for the hat and colored the fondant for the hat. Then rolled it out and laid it over the hat.

The beak was held in place by 2 bamboo skewers stuck into the beak and then into the cake. I did not put the beak on until we started the party just in case. I used white and black buttercream for the eyes.

This Perry the Platypus Cake was fun to make and my son and all his friends loved it.

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