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Cool Homemade Perry the Platypus Cake

I had just made a cake for a friend and I had extra batter left over, so I decided to make my son a Perry the Platypus cake. I made two six inch round cakes and then frosted them with some bright pink and green frosting (just because)! I then colored some fondant green to look like grass. I placed the fondant over the cake.

While the cake was sitting I made the Perry figure. Perry is all fondant. I used a picture off the internet to get his color correctly. I shaped the blue/green for his body. I made an orange bill (nose) and his feet. I then colored a small amount of fondant light copper (skin tone) for his tail. I attached all of his feet, tail, bill and eyes with a dab of water and a toothpick for stability.

My son loved his platypus cake. This was super easy and so much fun to make.

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