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Coolest Pig Cake

I made this pig cake for a cake raffle fundraiser for the middle school in my community.  It was very quick and easy to make.  I used the Wilton Soccer Ball Pan (although I’m sure any oven-proof bowl would work) for the body of the pig.  I made a chocolate cake and filled it with peanutbutter frosting and called it “mud pie cake.”  I covered the pig with pink fondant and covered the cake board with chocolate forsting.  To give it a wet look, I used edible clear gloss spray.

The night before the fundraiser, I posted a picture on Facebook, and when I walked into the school to deliver it, people that I didn’t know were coming up to me saying, “oh, that must be the pig!”  I didn’t stay for the raffle, but someone told me afterward that they brought my cake out last, referring to it as “the grand prize,” and the boy who won it did a happy dance at his table.  I had no idea that such a simple cake would end up being so popular!

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