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Coolest Piggy Bank Cake

I actually made this Homemade Piggy Bank Cake for a financial planning class that I am taking. I used a regular devil’s food cake mix and buttercream icing. I also added cherry pie filling in the center.

I used the Wilton ball shaped cake pan. When it was completely cooled and iced I covered it in pink fondant. The ears are triangles cut out of fondant, the tail was a curly cue made of fondant, the nose was oval shaped with nose and mouth markings in it, and the eyes were obviously circles cut out of white and brown. I didn’t have black food coloring on hand so I just used brown.

The chocolate gold covered coins I purchased at Mally’s Chocolates.

Overall this cake was pretty quick and easy to make. The photos are pretty poor quality but I think you get the idea.

Homemade Piggy Bank Cake

Homemade Piggy Bank Cake

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