Coolest Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This Pirate Ship Birthday Cake was the first time I have made a cake like this and my son loved it. I based my idea on the various cakes I had viewed on this web site.

To make the cake I baked an 11×6 inch cake and a 5×6 inch cake. I used a collapsible cake tin with dividers, in order to get the size cakes I needed. Based on an average size cake recipe for an 8 inch round tin, the large cake use 1+1/3 quantity cake mixture and the smaller cake used 2/3 quantity cake mixture although this would have also been sufficient for a 6×6 inch square cake

I cut the smaller cake in two to make a 2×6 inch cake and a 3×6 inch cake.

I used the 2×6 inch cake to make the raised part at the back of the boat and put the 3×6 inch cake onto the front of the large cake and then shaped the front of the boat into a point.

I covered the cake in chocolate ganache and then drew lines in the ganache with a skewer to make a wood effect.

I made the fence by cutting up a skewer and attaching thread into small slits I’d made at the top of each fence(skewer) post. The ladder was also made with a cut up skewer which was super glued together

The masts’ were made out of 5×5 inch square cardboard and skewer’s. The pirates were bought and the skull and cross bone at the front of the boat was a pencil topper.

I put Rolo’s on the sides to represent cannons and a few Maltesers on the floor of the boat to represent the cannon balls.

I coloured royal icing in 2 different coloured blues and then roughly iced the board in peeks to make the rough sea and then sprinkled some edible glitter over the top for effect.

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