Coolest Pirate Ship Cake

I created this vessel by gluing 4 loaf shaped marble cakes (from the £1 shop) with Betty Crocker Chocolate frosting. I put 2 cakes side by side on a clean tray and stuck 2 further cakes side by side behind the first 2. I trimmed a rectangle from the back 2 cakes to place on top (glue with frosting) at the rear for the captain’s quarters! I trimmed the front cakes into a prow shape. I had used a bread knife to flatten the bottom and even out the top. All this was very easy.

Taking tips from this site, I put the cakes in the fridge prior to carving, but they were pretty firm anyway. I covered the cakes in choccy frosting and used Malteasers to edge the deck and mint fingers to make the back railings (a bit tricky) by melting the ends in hot water and gluing together.

My son stuck smarties all around just for decoration. I dyed vanilla frosting blue/green and spooned it all over the tray and a little bit up the sides of the boat. I used choccy logs and choccy stones from a retro online sweet shop to make a gang plank, jetty and stony shore and plastic pirate figures,cannon and treasure chest. I used silver candy balls and edible glitter (fab stuff) to enhance the treasure chest and to leave a glittery trail of treasure where the chest has fallen in the water!

The whole thing was great fun to make.

Pirate Ship Cake

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