I made this pizza birthday cake for my husband on 6/27/13 because he said that he wanted a pizza cake this year. He said he wanted it to taste good too. I started with a round cookie sheet and some yellow box cake. Then I dyed the cake to brown the edges with food coloring. Then used the strawberry whipped icing to cover the cake. I used strawberry preserves on top of the whipped strawberry .

Then I sprinkled coconut on top to simulate cheese . I used food coloring to dye the coconut yellow. Then I cut strawberries and kiwi for the toppings (had to dye them to make them the correct shade) and used black icing for the olives. Topped it off with more coconut (yellow and white), put it in a pizza box and your done. Not bad for an amateur cake maker. I try something new every year. He keeps asking for different cakes every year.