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Coolest Pizza Birthday Cake

My client was really into deep dish Chicago-style pizza. So for his day, friends came to me with a picture of his favorite pepperoni pizza. The Pizza Birthday Cake was two really thin 14” round chocolate layers with Oreo cookie crumbles and a layer of Bavarian Crème as the filling.

First, the layers were filled and crumb coated with chocolate fudge icing. Then refrigerated to set. Chilling the crumb coat really makes the final icing cover easier to do, be it butter cream or fondant icing.

Second, I covered the “pizza” in a natural tan color of white chocolate fondant. I then airbrushed the pizza , starting with a yellow and ending with a really dark brown to give the oven baked look.

Third, burnt orange dyed butter cream, with a touch of chocolate (red is just to bitter)

was spread over the inset of the pizza as sauce. Pepperoni was cut from dyed modeling chocolate and spread on a sheet of wax paper, brushed with dark brown food coloring in spots, too also give that just baked appearance – then randomly placed on the pizza.

Black olives, green olives and pimentos were also shaped and sliced from dyed modeling chocolate – then placed on the pizza. I found it better to add the toppings as I made each item. The softness of the fresh shaped chocolate seems to adhere to the pizza pie and just sink in. I then took a block of white chocolate and with a zester and a cheese grater, covered the entire cake with “cheese”.

Lastly, I lightly airbrushed the cake with vodka and let dry. The cake was delivered in a pizza box, then placed on a pizza pan with a pizza cutter beside it!

I really wished I have saved the original picture to place beside it too!

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