Easy Pizza Cake

My son asked for a ‘pizza’ cake for his 11th birthday party. He was having friends sleep over and wanted to have pizza for dinner and trick them with a pizza cake.

I took ideas from this site and it couldn’t have been any easier and it turned out great.

I baked a yellow cake on a 14 in. Pizza pan that I lined with parchment. It browned up perfectly.

For this easy Pizza cake, in order to get the frosting red enough (I made several failed batches), I started with store-bought chocolate frosting and tinted with Wilton’s No-Taste Red color gel.

I spread the frosting ‘sauce’ on the ‘dough’ but left the edges plain for the crust. Next, I tinted white frosting with just a hint of yellow to make ‘mozzerella’ cheese that I both piped on with a round tip and I also put globs that I spread a bit to look like melted cheese.

Next I grated a white chocolate bar over the top of the ‘mozzarella’. Then I added ‘pepperoni’ made of fruit leather, ‘sausage’ made of cut-up mushrooms rolled in cocoa powder, and ‘mushrooms’ made by cutting up marshmallows and rubbing with cocoa powder. Lastly, I grated more chocolate over the top and served in a take-out pizza box that I purchased for $1 from a local restaurant.

My son and his friends loved it! It really looked real and we did get the reaction we were hoping for!

My favorite part of this cake is how easy it was to make (other than getting the frosting color right) and that it doesn’t require fondant! Plus it was easy to cut up (cut like a pizza) and serve.