Coolest Pizza Cake

My daughter recently turned 2 and we had her birthday at Chuck E Cheese and so I thought a pizza cake would fit the theme nicely! I had decided I was going to try and make her cake myself this year as a challenge, so I set out to find inspiration! Your site and many others all had great examples of DIY cakes and so I wanted to share my success with you!

I purchased a 16″ round cake pan from Michael’s Crafts and asked my local pizza joint to donate a box and they were happy to oblige!

2 Boxes of Yellow Cake Mix

2 1/2 cans of Buttercream Frosting

Red gel color for icing to make the “sauce”

Yellow and Blue (mixed with Red) food coloring for the “crust” color

White chocolate candy melts – in white and yellow

Pre-Colored Fondant (for Olives and Pepperoni)

I baked the cake and leveled it off. Once I had a clean flat surface, I smoothed on the “crust” icing. If I do it again, I would pipe a thick edge all the way around to give it more of a “lip”, but it worked out either way. Once that was smooth, I filled in the middle with the “sauce” icing.

I then grated the white chocolate melts together to create a “cheese” and sprinkled it all over the “sauce”. I added my pepperoni (which I made with a fondant cutout) and olives (also using a cutout) and sprinkled a little more cheese on top as a finishing touch.

Coolest Pizza Cake

Coolest Pizza Cake

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