I got the idea for this Pointe Ballet Shoe Cake from another cake on this site but wanted to make a few changes. I really wanted to get more of “pointe ballet shoe” than a ballet slipper and I wanted the bows on top of the shoe to be small like the ones on my daughter’s.

I baked the cake in one of the largest cake pans I have. I let it cool and then cut the shape of the shoes out with a serrated knife. I did the right slipper from the left side of the cake and the left slipper cut from the right side of the cake. This was so the corners of the cake could be used as a guide for sizing and also so the “pointe” of the slipper would have a flat edge.

There was enough cake left to make a third slipper if necessary for large sized groups. I used a strawberry flavored batter. I iced the white center first, then I colored the rest of the white icing with neon pink food coloring. I sprinkled candy glitter all over the cake.

For the shoe laces I boiled spaghetti and then let it cool. I dyed them with neon pink and neon purple food coloring mixed together so they would stand out. Then I patted them dry with paper towel to absorb excess coloring and tied them into bows. Whala!