Coolest Poker Playing Card Cake

I made this Poker Playing Card Cake for my grandfather’s 75th birthday. He loves let it ride poker so I thought it would be a great cake to make him. I got a lot of my ideas from looking at all the great cakes on this website.

I used 4 boxes of yellow cake mix using a sheet pan.I cut out a spot on top for my poker chips. I frosted the top using green for the felt. For the poker chips. For the side of cake I colored some fondant and put it around the cake for the bumper. I used colored chocolates and melted them down. I used white first to make the lines with a squeeze bottle after it harden a little I filled in with another color. I used a small muffin pan as my mold.

For the cards ,I made them out of homemade fondant rolled and cut to size. I piped on frosting for the numbers and spades. I also piped all the squares/ spaces on the cake I used 3 red unmelted chips for the button to complete the poker table look,

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