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Cool Homemade Poker Table Birthday Cake Idea

This Poker Table Birthday Cake was inspired by my son’s love for the game of poker. It was his 28th birthday, and I decided to make this cake after his girlfriend said the theme for his party was going to be a poker room. I made the cake the day before and put it in the freezer. I decorated it the next day. The black table was buttercream icing and the green table top, chips, cigars and cards are all made from fondant.

The cake is a vanilla cream with a hint of lemon. This cake was a lot of work. The cake was a hit and my son did not want to cut it, and the poker king was “All In” with a full house.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Poker Table Birthday Cake Idea”

  1. Cousin Paula I didn’t no you had it in you girl Good job. I will have to get with you on getting Janna’s going away Navy cake. Great job.

  2. Paula, the cake was quite nice I like the way you did it Demeta showed it to me on her phone but I can really see it in this picture. If I every need a speacial cake I will know who to call.


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