Cool Homemade Pony Cake

I made this Pony cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. She loves horses and so we did a cowgirl theme. I tried to match the colors of the cake details to the decorations. My husband contributed by making me a template which I then traced onto the cake. I have extra large cookie sheets that make perfectly flat cake.

I used two 18×13 cookie sheets for this cake (one boxed cake mix for each sheet pan). After the cake cooled, I then used the templates and positioned on the cake board. For height I made this a double layer. I even had a small amount of scraps left after cutting the shape.

I frosted the cake (two tubs of reg store bought) and added detail with fondant. The fondant is best when you want a smooth look. It was awesome and my daughter loved it! I think after all the time was added it took me a little over 4 hours to complete.

14 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Pony Cake”

  1. Did you make the tail out of cake also or did you just use frosting? Also, what type of store bought icing did you use? Thanks!!

  2. The tail is cake with fondant over it, then I took thin strips to make the mane look 3 dimensional. The store bought frosting was either Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker, then a layer of fondant over it for a smoother look

  3. what was the template made of? where do you purchase the fondant? How do you use it? YOUR CAKE IS BEAUTIFUL>

  4. What a great job on your cake! Very impressive! my daughter will be turning 4 & she is obsessed with horses. What kind of activities or theme/decorations did you use? I’m a little lost! Thanks.

  5. I purchased the fondant at a local craft store. I believe you can buy it in a 2lb box. The template was made using plain white paper.

    As for games ideas, we did pin the horn on the unicorn for a girly theme, we did a craft with a horse themed idea and we played bingo. By the time the party was over we had not even gotten to all the games and things I had planned. It was a great day!

  6. hi! i loved how you did your cake!! I’m trying to make one similar to yours but I cant get it right. I was wondering of you can share your cake template with me. I would appreciate it so much.

  7. It was not to halves..the tail was the only thing I had to make separately. I used a large oversized cookie sheet to make the cake flat and long…..

  8. Wow, I am searching for a horse/pony cake for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday. I am going to try yours it is beautiful, you’ve really inspired me.

  9. I was wondering if you could email me your horse pattern cause my niece wants a horse cake this year for her birthday and i went threw everything i knew to go to but no luck i found this web site and when i saw your cake i fell in love with it and my niece would really love it to do you think you could send me the pattern if you could Thanks Michelle

  10. My daughter wants a cowgirl birthday theme for her birthday this year. This cake is just perfect. Could you send me the template to the cake. Thanks so much.

  11. Hi there,

    Please please could l have the template to this cake. I am trying to make one for my stepdaughter.
    Many thanks

  12. I am so sorry not to have seen the comments looking for the template, I actually just used part of the decorations and traced off of the birthday sign. I ordered the party supplies at, if you have any other questions I can help with let me know,

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