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Cute Homemade Pony Birthday Cake

I needed a brown sugar buttercream to match the color of my niece Katie’s favorite plush pony birthday cake, so I went searching on the Internet, and I found a “Pecan Praline Frosting” that was the perfect recipe! I left out the pecans, and this frosting hardens up as it cools, so is easy to smooth out (looks almost like fondant), and easy to work with.

I baked one chocolate and one white 9×13 cake, filled (with vanilla buttercream) and stacked the two cakes, after cooling, then carved the shape of the pony’s head, and carved the ear out of scraps. Wrapped the whole thing up on the cutting board I carved on and froze it overnight.

The next morning, I made the Praline Frosting, and chocolate buttercream, then stuck the ear on with buttercream. Next, I frosted the whole cake with the Praline Frosting (did a thin “crumb coat,” then a heavier final layer). Smoothed the frosting out with my metal spatula dipped warmed in hot water, then added the Bubble Tape bridle and reins (great idea from this site!) then piped on the mane and forelock.

The mane also has black sprinkles on it to match her pony. Added other mane detail, eyelashes, and nostril with melted chocolate chips, piped from a Ziploc bag with the corner snipped off. The pupil in the eye is a purple Skittle. The cake was a HUGE hit my niece’s 4th birthday!

The sunflower cupcakes are inspired by a new cupcake book I just received as a gift. The center of the cupcakes is 1/2 an Oreo, and the ladybugs are red Skittles with piped melted chocolate detail.

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