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Coolest Pony Cake

I made this cake for my oldest daughter’s 3rd birthday (in 2009). She really wanted a pony cake and after scratching my head over how I might manage that, my sister-in-law sent me a photo of a pony cake you could get from a supermarket in the UK which I thought looked cute but pretty simple and I kind of made it up from that.

I started by baking my never-fail chocolate birthday cake in a steam pudding basin. I covered this with white ready-to-roll icing to make the body (the original was brown but we have a white pony at home, and white was easier anyway). I then molded the head by shaping 2 balls of icing kind of squished together and pressed onto the front of the body, with 2 triangles pinched to shape for the ears. The legs are short strips of white icing with LJ’s soft liquorice for hooves.

I cut a couple of thinly rolled discs of icing for the eyes with liquorice for the pupils. The nostrils are just indents made with something round that was the right size. The nose band is a thin strip of white icing mixed with red food coloring to make it pink and put on to cover the join on the head. The saddle is more pink icing split into 3 roughly circular pieces and pressed onto the body as 2 saddle flaps with the top of the saddle on top.

I used more liquorice cut to size and shape for the stirrup leathers and stirrups, and piped chocolate butter cream icing for the mane and forelock (can’t see from the photo, but I piped the top of a tail at the back as well). I piped some blobs of butter cream next to the pony to stand the candles in, and finished off by shaping a rosette out of the left over icing. I tried to make this red by mixing more food coloring into the pink icing but ended up painting red food coloring over the top of the finished rosette as i couldn’t get it dark enough.

The finished cake looked even cuter than the photo I copied it from, and my little girl loved it! This was really easy to make and probably only took me a couple of hours from start to finish. The only thing I would say is, because so much of it was icing, there wasn’t a lot of cake and it was very sweet to eat!

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