Coolest Pooh Bear Cake

I made this Pooh Bear Cake for a 1st birthday. The child loves Pooh bear so we set the party theme as Pooh.

The first thing I did was bake the cake. I made chocolate cake because kids love this. I made 2 cakes(13x9inch). Allow the cake to cool and refrigerate it makes it firm and stable to work with.

Whilst the cakes are cooling decide on the picture you going to use. Print it out and cut along the outline. Decide on a tray you want to put the cake on or use a cake board. Prepare your icing. You would require half cup red, half cup blue, half cup black, 1 cup yellow and 2 cups green, 4 cups white.

I centralized the first cake on the board and put a thin layer of white icing and sandwiched them. The next step was to crumb coat the cake and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Whilst waiting fill all the colored icing into piping tubes with star nozzles except the black. The black can be filled into a cone without a nozzle, it must be snipped at the tip for outlining pooh. 

The crumb coat is done so when you do the final coat its does not pick up crumbs and is neat. Now do the second coat of white icing. Another tip that I recommend is when doing your final coat keep a jug of hot water which you can dip your knife in and wipe dry. This melts the icing giving you a smooth finish.

When you cake is covered place the template you made onto the cake and using a toothpick draw along the template marking the cake. Remove template and pipe outline using black icing cone. I then cut the template removing legs, head and tummy and used it as a guide on the cake to mark and outline until the cake looks like the picture.

I then filled in the T-shirt red and yellow for the bear after that I went over the black outline again to give it more definition. Next was piping the boarders green and put colored rosettes on the green which looked like flowers on the grass. 

The cake can be refrigerated till needed.

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  1. I am another winnie pooh cake maker. We both use similar ideas. U can check my cake too it is either 43 or 45. Its a pooh holding no 3. Its a sitting pooh.

    I liked the way you explained everything making it easy for anyone to follow. Great job! Keep it up!


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