Coolest Baby Winnie The Pooh Shower Cake

I made this Baby Winnie The Pooh Shower Cake for my cousin’s shower. She is someone that I used to babysit when she was a baby so I wanted her first baby shower cake to be special. She has always been a fan of Winnie the Pooh so that is what her sister asked that I do a cake themed around.

I knew I didn’t want to sculpt the figures out of fondant or gum paste as my hands tire too quickly. I ended up going up to Walmart’s bakery to see what they had for Winnie the Pooh cake toppers and found the one that I put on the cake. That is what got the creative juices flowing! Sketch pad in hand, I drew the design in 10 mins. and was anxious to start.

The cake is an egg-free cake recipe that I use for most of my cake orders as it is much more dense and holds its shape well. I made 2 batches of white butter cream and set aside to tint. The bottom cake is 2 12″ rounds and the top is 2 8″ rounds. The bottom cake is doweled and the top cake is on a Wilton cake plate and pressed into the bottom cake.

The log, tree and door are made from chocolate fondant. I free handed all of them. I rolled out the fondant fairly thin and then I used the cardboard paper towel tube covered in tinfoil that I wrinkled for texture and wrapped the fondant around it to begin shaping my fallen tree log.

I did the same thing for the tree except left more fondant at the bottom that I shaped to look like large tree roots. The door and “Rabbit’s Howse” sign I free hand cut out and the lightly scored it with a knife to make the individual boards on the door.

It took about 1.5 weeks for all 3 pieces to dry completely. I came back with a tiny water color brush and glass of water and brushed each piece completely with water to remove the corn starch dust from them. I dusted the counter with it before rolling out the fondant so it wouldn’t stick. Once done it gave the chocolate a nice sheen.

I used Wilton’s leaf tip # 73 with firm pressure to do the ruffled piping along the bottom of the 12″ cake. I used lighter pressure for the top of the 12″ cake. The 8″ cake is piped at the bottom with # 73 also while the top is done with a drop flower tip #193. Also grass tip #233. The colors used are Light Pink, Kelly Green and Lavender. Just very slight toothpick strokes of each into the butter cream. The Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet figures I found at a Dollartree store.

I made fat happy bumble bees out of fondant that I tinted using yellow and then rolled in my hand for the body and a smaller pea size for the head. I used a gauge wire that I coiled to immediately put the bees on and then stuck the wire in florist foam block to hold them upright while they dried. Once dried, I used a food coloring marker to make their stripes.

I made the butterflies out of rolled fondant, a butterfly cookie cutter and then set them in a tinfoil tray I made to hold the wings up. I came back after they dried and colored them with luster dust and then set the color by using the steam coming from a tea kettle and then let them dry again.

My cousin flipped over the cake and kept saying, “NO cutting this cake!” (hee hee) No one wanted to cut the cake, but I did cut and serve it for her guests at the shower. It got rave reviews and a I had 5 people at her shower ask for my card. (Yay!) I had a blast making this cake!



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