Coolest Pooh Hunny Pot Birthday Cake

We decided on a Winnie the Pooh theme for my son’s first birthday party. I looked for cake ideas on Coolest Birthday Cakes and other sites and really liked the idea of a Pooh Hunny Pot Birthday Cake.

The bottom cake is a raspberry poke cake. (White cake mix with raspberry jello mix poured into it after baking. Extra yummy.) The top cake is just a basic chocolate cake. We covered both with homemade marshmallow fondant (found the recipe online) dyed green when mixing it. It was much much easier than trying to work the color in after it was done. We aren’t great at covering big cakes yet and had some cracks in the sides of the bottom cake.

We decided to roll out some white fondant and cut out our picket fence pieces and it covered the “oops” spots nicely. Then we used a small round tip to put sprouts of grass coming up between them.

The flowers were just cut out of packaged gum paste with a cutter and then I rolled small balls of gum paste dyed yellow for the centers. When I got ready to apply them I used a leaf tip to place the leafs on the cake with green frosting and then put the flower on top of it.

For the Hunny Pot I pressed rice crispy treats into a greased plastic container. One batch made enough for two. I used the one that came out cleaner for the Hunny pot and cut down the other to make Pooh’s body. I used the Wilton fondant to cover it and to make Pooh’s head and arms and for Eeyore and Piglet. I dyed all the colors myself except for the black and the peach on Eeyore’s nose. I had a kit of skin tone fondants and used those but it wouldn’t be hard to color it yourself. I made the mistake of putting the Hunny Pot in the freezer after I made it and it “sweated” the next day but finally dried up.

We had a lot of fun making it and hope your Pooh cake comes out great too!

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