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Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake

I made this pregnant belly cake for my best friend’s daughter’s baby shower. Her colors were pink and brown, it was her first baby and I wanted the shower to be extra girlie and not to have just the normal kind of sheet cake. I made the belly part from the large Betty Crockers bake n fill bowl. The breasts are made from two smaller bake n fill bowls. I put a vanilla pudding filling in the belly and then put it on top of a 9″ round cake.

To cover the cakes I first colored white fondant with brown gel coloring, I added just enough to make a flesh color for the breasts. Then I colored white fondant with pink and rolled it out to place over the belly and half the breasts to form a strapless dress. With the remaining fondant and more of the brown gel coloring I made the bow.

The “pearl necklace” was made from scraps that were left after forming the dress. This cake was a hit, I made one for practice the week before the shower and took it to my work for everyone to critique and everyone loved it. The guests at the shower thought I had bought it somewhere and were all amazed to hear I had made it that morning. I was very proud of it!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake”

  1. OMG I love it but I doubt I could make something like that Please help me I am planning my BFF baby shower and it would be perfect.

  2. Wow this is lovely, i would be very grateful if you could send me over the recipe for the cake. Would like to try and make this.

  3. Hi, i search a recipe for a cake like this and i love it. I’m french and need to do more American my baby shower because it’s not so popular in France. Thank you to send me your recipe and tips if you want.

  4. Hi thanks for sharing your work. Its really beautiful. Can you tell me what flavour of cake you used and recipe please. Thanks again.


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